Fire Safety Audit

A fire safety audit is an audit in which we thoroughly assess your site to detect various fire hazards and the adequacy of your existing fire protection system based on IS guidelines. Our fire risk assessment consultants will visit your site, review the fire safety documentation and organizational measures. Our fire engineers will conduct a fire risk assessment of your room, taking into account the use of the building, the type of occupancy, the activities, the equipment, and the processes. A report shall be prepared to evaluate the dominant fire-fighting system and its maintenance. If necessary, recommendations for additional fire extinguishing systems will be made. During the risk assessment, our fire protection consultant can do any of the following:

Classification of Buildings Based on Occupancy

  • Group A Residential

    .Approved building layout plan map (floor wise) by local authority like – Nagar Nigam, Nagar Palika, Nagar Parishad and gram Panchayat etc.

  • Group B Educational

    Schools up to senior secondary Level, All others/training institutions

  • Group C Institutional

    Hospitals and sanatoria, Custodial institutions, Penal and mental institutions

  • Group D Assembly

    theatres; motion picture houses; assembly halls; auditoria; exhibition halls; museums; gymnasiums; dance halls; club rooms;

  • Group E Business

    Offices, banks, establishments, like offices of architects, engineers, doctors, Laboratories, Electronic data processing centres, Telephone exchanges , Broadcasting stations, T.V. stations and air traffic control towers

  • Group F Mercantile

    Shops, stores, departmental stores, Underground shopping centres

  • Group G Industrial

    Engineering Workshops, Aluminium Factories, Chemical Manufacturing

  • Group H Storage

    warehouses, cold storages, freight depots, transit sheds, storehouses, truck and marine terminals, garages, hangars, grain elevators,

  • Group J Hazardous

    processing which involve highly corrosive, toxic or noxious alkalis, acids or other liquids or chemicals producing flame, fumes and explosive, poisonous - storage, handling or processing units