fire consultancy about fire safety

Fire consultancy

As the number one Fire Protection Consulting and Consultancy firm, we help organizations and individuals to manage their Fire and Safety Risks. Our Fire Safety Consultants have years of industry experience to supply you with the simplest suited solutions.

Fire Safety Trainings

We are fire risk consultant firm, providing work place fire safety training and life safety techniques. With the help of proper training, workers can eliminate the risk of fire and respond quickly and effectively if a fireplace breaks out. Without proper training, small events can quickly turn into serious events with devastating results.

Installations for fire safety to protect you

Firefighting Installations

We are specialized fire engineer and firefighting consultant offering a large range of Fire Fighting System Services. The supplied system is made with inputs of excellent quality. To obtain high customer satisfaction, our experts design these systems as per customer’s demands.

Fire Safety Audit

A fire safety audit is an audit in which we thoroughly assess your site to detect various fire hazards and the adequacy of your existing fire protection system based on IS guidelines. Our fire risk assessment consultants will visit your site, review the fire safety documentation and organizational measures.

Fire Extinguisher Installations

The fire extinguisher is the first line of defense against fire. We are fire engineering consultants & suppliers of fire extinguishers providing all type of extinguishers with ISI marks and well known to which type of fire extinguishers use for which type of fire.